The Slumber Cave of the Moss Giant

The Slumber Cave of the Moss Giant

This is a good old dungeon plus small town and weird people romp. It is statted (sparsely) for Into the Odd by Chris McDowell, but should easily be adaptable to any rules-light „You know what game this is based upon“-old school system. Storygaming fuckery should also work, if that’s your thing.

The PC may explore a cave with a sleeping giant/nature spirit and his treasure. The cave is full of glowing blue moss, whose light will slowly turn the PC into moss creatures. There is an abducted plant princess, an ancient giant turtle, a ghost who doesn’t know she’s dead, nasty gnomes, centipedes, slugs and what have you. The nearby town of Flos lives off its flowers and perfumes, but has a social structure centered on large families, so that young couple in search of privacy often turn to the moss cave. You will find rumors, things to find in the snow and under the rocks, a table for fragrances etc etc. You may also enter the Plant Kingdom at some point. This is all very Ghibli-meets-Adventure Time whimsical-surreal, yet violent.

Be aware that this is not a professional product. It is 15 pages of my notes written up quite nicely and a silly map I drew free hand with my kids‘ pens. It is very usable and entertaining, but not polished. Have fun and let me know if you liked it.

Find the pdf here.

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