Tell Me More. An Incursion for Trophy Gold.

Tell Me More. An Incursion for Trophy Gold.

I recently had a chance to finally give Trophy Gold a try. Trophy Gold is a dark fantasy rpg by Jesse Ross, published by Hedgemage Press. It kind of aims to merge osr-sensibilities with indie gaming. As far as I´m concerned, it works like a charm, and if you don´t know it yet, please go and check it out!

Trying out the game, I was also curious how prep and adventure („incursion“ in Trophy terms) design worked here, so I came up with a small incursion myself. It is called „Tell Me More“, and deals with a godess of forgiveness, whose cult was apparently brought down by envious older gods. The players set out for the ruined temple of said godess to plunder it, but of course everything is not as it seems. Themes are isolation, silence, and a desire to communicate that knows no boundaries.

Find the pdf here.

Let me know how you like it and if you played it!

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