„Wormfirehaven“ is a small campaign framework that I played in using Mausritter, though any other rules light-y system should work fine, as long as it allows you to play mousy heroes in a world of anthropomorphic animals.

The elements in the setting point towards a story revolving around a band of rodent pirates trying to steal the mouse city’s biggest treasure, worm eggs. The pirates turn to a desperate fey queen for help, who has lost the way back to Faerie and has been abandoned by her turtle goddess. Thrown into the mix are racial and class tensions in the city, a corrupt government, competing bands of thieves consisting of magpies and spiders, robots, mechanical hare-brains made by mad hare scientist, volcanoes, crabs in giant statues out in the sea, broken magic mirrors and not-so-giant white apes looking for their mums.

It’s really just a bunch of cool ideas I played a couple of sessions in, but it’s quite fun. Also, I am kind of proud to diverge from the „cute mousy“ flair of most Mausritter stuff in favor of something more, er, „grindark.“

Find the pdf here.

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